Thursday, September 23, 2010

Family Sports Fest - Rain or Shine!

We arrived at the venue for the family sports fest at 10:00AM in drenching rain. Midway Plaisance in the University of Chicago campus apparently was filled with water to showcase boats for the Colombian Exposition in 1893. Well, for a while, it seemed that we might need boats again. In the rain, the volunteers from WSC and BadmintonChicago helped setup the badminton nets and a tent and then waited.

By about 12 noon, the rain was gone and soon we had kids and adults coming by to try out badminton. It was fun and the show was on! We wrapped up the demo by about 5pm. It was a very nice experience and while the turnout could have been much higher without the rain, it was fun to be part of this effort by World Sports Chicago. (Thanks Amanda, Scott, Jen).

Thanks to the volunteers - Anand Bedekar and Daniel Yu !
Here are some pictures Thanks Larry!
Here are some More pictures Thanks Alex!

Do join us for the next BadmintonChicago event - we promise it will not be boring!